The Script is The Bible #3


“‘I found a great script’. That’s what the whole industry is about.”
– Adam Novak

Adam Novak, Head of Story and Development at William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, came to speak the other day. He recommended Passengers by G.J. Pruss as an example of a great script.

A USC Writing for Television of Film alum, Novak started off doing coverage for William Norris before they merged with Endeavor. He was good at it and his insights got movies made. They were great movies, too, like Creme. Eventually, he decided he was better at reading scripts than writing them.

So, for those college interns fed up with all the coverage you may be forced to do, don’t give up. Maybe you’ll end up reading for the rest of your life, but it’s not so bad. You could be making millions telling others how to fix theirs. Take your time, learn from the good and the bad scripts.


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