Listen here, little lady…

Gods of the New World

Gods of the New World

We knew at some point you would come here. What you’ve just stumbled onto maybe more than you had hoped for. That’s okay. Maybe this will ease your anxiety.

Welcome to the combined minds of Jacob “J.J. Schlomo Abrams” Morrison and (Alexander) Arya “Larry Fong” Harvey Harsono. Also known as J.J. and Fong, for obvious reasons. We’ll talk about films, music, photography, art, interior design, DKA, McNuggets, and life. Maybe we’ll write stories.

Featured Segments include:

  • Between the J’s, where J.J. explores the inner meanings of space, time, and life.
  • Joy From J.J., where J.J. reveals the tangles with the heart strings of your soul, causing your diaphragm to tremble with laughter.
  • Fong Shui, where Fong will illustrate his deepest philosophies to spectacular examples of interior design.
  • Hits From The Fong, where Fong paints a picture of your childhood dreams and finds the hidden beat within your person through your eardrums.
  • The Script is the Bible, where we discuss potential premises, pitch ideas, and good and bad scripts.
  • Lens Flare, where we talk about photography, cinematography, and the beauty of lighting.
  • 8-Bits, where we deliberate about video games and anything in the virtual world.

Take your time, grab some sweet tea, and read through a world you never knew existed. Let us hold your hand as you journey into the cesspool of imagination that is J.J. and Fong.


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