Script is the Bible #5


Script is the Bible #5

Everybody likes a good mystery.




Hello readers (if there are any)!

J.J. and Fong have been on hiatus for a few months due to the fact that J.J. has been swamped with school and Fong has been too busy enjoying his long break. Fong promises to keep everyone updated on his journeys as he spends four months in the land down unda through this blog.

Also, we’re starting new segments!

  • Location Scouting acts as a travel blog but also details places that are good for shooting in case anyone is looking.
  • Wardrobe will be sort of a fashion blog, but with the intention of inspiring your next rack of costumes.

Look forward to more posts from us!


Two Guys, One Movie, 8000 Miles Apart


JJ and Fong are currently working on a short that will take place in two locations – the United States and Indonesia – and filmed at the same time. Though their surroundings will be different, they are both connected through one thing – technology.

Stay tuned for movie history in the making.