Script is the Bible #5


Script is the Bible #5

Everybody likes a good mystery.


The Script is the Bible #4



Fong: I found some old notes on movie ideas. Thought I would share.

Documentary Ideas

1. A documentary on empathy. Not the concept, but being able to physically empathize with someone. It would be over a course of a week.

  • Day 1: a day without sight
  • Day 2: a day without sound
  • Day 3: a day without words
  • Day 4: a day without legs
  • Day 5: a day without arms
  • Day 6: a day in poverty
  • Day 7: a day in prejudice

2. Based on Do the Movies Have a Future? by David Denby, a “documentary” on the death of cinema. A satirical take on pop culture. Not sure how this will pan out. Maybe set in a dystopian future or alternate universe where the entertainment industry is not as prominent in society.

Feature/Short Ideas

1. A convicted killer on the run finds refuge in the dorm room of four college students. Questions mortality. Based on the Christopher Dorner case a while back, where his motives and innocence were unclear, and all I wanted to know was the truth.

2. “Cuil” Theory = Kill Theory. The embodiment of psychopathic insanity – an exploration of the abstraction of thought as one delves into justifying murder.

3. A visual piece revolving around synesthesia, in the style of Drive.

4. A security agent of a celebrity becomes obsessed with the celebrity’s stalker and must hide his feelings from his family and the celebrity.

5. A gang of “bikers”, but use electric bikes instead of motorcycles. This one is more of a character idea.